Mailbox Repairs


We strongly encourage residents to regularly maintain all original mailbox and post hardware due to supply and availability issues. 

Mailboxes: measure 21 1/4" long, 8 1/2" wide and 10 1/4" high. The brand most commonly found at Home Depot as well as Ace hardware is Gibralter Elite LARGE galvanized post-mounted mailbox in black. The LARGE size best meets our standards. 

Numeral Replacement: Numerals are 3" tall, 2-2 1/4" wide, polished brass. Brass or gold colored numerals are the standard for Riverfield. A source that offers the original numeral style/font has not been found. The following links will direct you to vendors who offer numerals similar in style and scale to the those used on the original toppers: 
RCH hardware  (Please note that availability of numerals is subject to inventory)        
The plainer the font chosen the better. If finding numerals in brass is difficult, you may also consider purchasing them in a different color or metal and then spray painting them gold. If you are missing a single numeral or two, we suggest you replace all of the numerals to have them match on a side of the topper. Flat stick-on numbers are not acceptable per our covenants. 
Numeral Painting: You can pick up or order an oil based paint pen like the Sharpie product below. Repeatedly shake it like spray paint to get the paint in the tip. Target, Home Depot, and Amazon generally have these.
Home Depot sku for Sharpie pens:
Internet #203599974 Model # 34968PP Store SKU #574464
Mailbox address topper: Our toppers are 14" long, 4" high and made of iron (aluminum is an acceptable alternative); We have not been able to find a topper on the market that matches the original topper dimensions. We are searching for a resource who can fabricate or is currently offering a topper similar in dimension, shape, and style to the original
Mailbox Post and bracket: The supplier for the horsehead post and bracket is no longer carrying the product. We encourage residents to regularly maintain the post and bracket (cleaning, painting and filling cracks on the seams with epoxy) to preserve its condition. We are researching suppliers or fabricators for future replacement needs. 
Mailbox Painting: The three individuals listed below have repainted mailboxes for residents in Riverfield.  The HOA Board has not screened these services directly and therefore cannot guarantee their work; we are passing the information along as a courtesy. Residents who have shared this information have been pleased with the work done by these services. 

Scott Dunlap  404-434-7800
Jon Rice 678-517-2362
John Tuschall  865-556-6397
NextDoor - a search on Nextdoor for mailbox refinishers or handymen